About Us

Zabit is a creative communication solutions company, founded in 1993, that is branded internationally for providing excellence in integrated communications for the biggest and best companies in the world.

Our company was the first to introduce a fully integrated communications services model with HR, PR, investor relations, advertising and marketing communication resources under one roof. Our founding premise is the foundation supporting all services we deliver...

One Voice. Single Message. Inside and Out.

"The problem today is that there are too many messengers representing the same company in very different ways. Quite simply, there is no strategic consensus on communications."  Bill Zabit, Founder and CEO.

Early in our development, Zabit was named one of the fastest growing companies in America by INC Magazine and The Business Times. Our company grew from one to five offices in Sausalito, with additional offices in Chicago, New York, Hartford, Las Vegas and affiliations in London.

Several companies made a play to buy Zabit after the first three years of operation. And in 1998, Zabit was acquired by a NASDAQ communications company. With the dissolution of the acquiring company after the 2000 market correction, Bill Zabit re-incorporated the firm with a new business model that focuses on efficiency and client value, while building on its excellent reputation for creative and quality services.

And that's where Zabit brings a unique advantage. The company has a diverse team of communication experts, with out-of-the box thinking, that helps us help organizations look at all the pieces together, not just one at a time.


Out of the Box With a Bang

Zabit has an all-star staff, they make national news, they win a ton of awards and they continue to beat out the biggest names in the business to build on an already impressive list of client credentials.

Here are a dozen and three good reasons why Zabit has been causing a commotion in the world of communications.

  • Zabit consults to the executive leadership of major companies and was invited three times to give council to The White House under the Clinton Administration on strategic communication issues of national import.
  • The company won over 150 awards of excellence for communication campaigns and film/video productions including two Emmy nominations.
  • A college textbook on communications devotes a section to Zabit as an industry pioneer with the launch of a new, integrated approach to communication.
  • Zabit created formal alliances with Cigna, Salomon Smith Barney, TCW, and Fidelity among others, to become an official communication partner of record.
  • The president of Fortune Magazine's Fastest Growing Company in America invited Zabit to help the company develop business strategies, company mission and vision and their internal communication strategy.
  • Several clients, who originally hired Zabit for HR communications, expanded Zabit's involvement to include advertising, marketing, corporate communications and PR services.
  • Zabit delivered communications for major IPO's including Wellpoint, Travelocity and others.
  • A book on mergers and acquisitions devotes a chapter on Zabit's approach to assessing cultural compatibility between the acquiring company and its target.
  • Zabit refined a global communication infrastructure for Oracle to cascade Larry Ellison's quarterly state-of-the-business address to all employees around the world.
  • Zabit created a worldwide communication campaign for Apple to introduce their global business strategy to employees, investors and business partners.
  • Zabit worked on the internal communication to spin Sabre from American Airlines and created merger communications for HP and others.
  • The firm created branding and identity programs for several pre-IPO companies and acted as an extension of the office of CEO in managing all HR, PR, marketing, advertising and internal communication for Fireman's Fund, NEC and others.
  • Zabit created on-demand marketing and promotion fulfillment processes and marketing collateral for Transamerica.
  • The White House holds in its archives, health care communication campaigns created by Zabit that it uses as examples of excellence.
  • Zabit created comprehensive, database-driven personalized communications for Intel, Starbucks, Oracle, Fireman's Fund, Transamerica, New York Life and others.

Specialty Services

Clients aren't looking to buy our services, they are looking to solve their problems or capitalize on business opportunities. And the higher up the organizational chart the stakeholders are, the more support there is for hiring the right firm to provide the solution.

So in addition to doing single HR, marketing or corporate communication projects, we have developed Services Solutions that require a multiple number and specialty of services applied to key events that are considered mission critical to the folks in the C-Suite.

As an example, a company who is about to go public needs multiple types of communication services and is usually delighted to find a single source services provider who can do it all.  And Zabit is in a unique position to do just that since we have the expertise and technical understanding on how to craft and present tailored IPO messages to employees, investors, Wall Street, customers and the general public.

Delivering these services requires resource skills in Investor Relations, Public Relations, corporate communication, employee research, branding, advertising, benefits, stock and compensation communications. With our team and our global Affiliate Resources, we are able to manage and deliver the entire program globally, without the need for the client to hire and manage multiple communication firm.

We have developed and delivered the following Specialty Services Solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world.

  • Global Employee Branding Solution
  • M&A Services Solution
  • IPO Services Solution
  • Message Management and Integration
  • Change Acceleration Solution

The Z-Network

Finding ZEN... Our Efficient, Cost Effective Delivery Model

The costly problem with delivering consulting or agency-based communication and creative services is staffing and housing a critical mass of employees. In addition to salaries and employment taxes, office space in prime markets is climbing to ridiculous prices. Add to that the cost of IT and communication tools for multiple employees and it's not surprising that employee costs are the largest operating expense and the primary driver in pricing client communication services.

There are four primary staffing and client dilemmas that communication services companies face:

  1. housing enough talent in order to scale to the demands of new business and large project scope,
  2. having costly employees who are not working at full capacity in the in-between times,
  3. placing employees on the client project who may have capacity but not necessarily the appropriate skills or experience, and
  4. identifying a client team based on who works in the firm's geographical profit center, not necessarily who is best for the client job.

With this traditional model, there is no magic way to balance the ebb and flow of people resources and talent requirements as demands are always changing based on the fluctuation of the type and scope of projects in-house at any given time.

It's not the client's problem.  So why should they continue to be forced to pay dearly for the inefficiency of it all while settling for services that lack the quality and creativity they expect and deserve?  The right answer is, they shouldn't.

A New Approach... The Zabit Extended Network (ZEN)

We'll dare to share just enough of the ingredients blended into the Zabit Extended Network (ZEN) to assure you it's seamless, efficient and it brings the best individual talent to the individual task at hand.

First it starts with a handpicked team of Zabit employees who are the best in the business. The Zabit business model calls for a  critical core of employees in our regional offices in New York, Chicago and our national headquarters in San Francisco. 

Beyond our efficient core of Zabit employees, we are able to scale our communication, creative and technology resources on demand to meet the national and global needs of our clients. Through our proprietary Zabit Extended Network (ZEN), we have hundreds of pre-qualified team members at our fingertips.

And it's absolutely seamless and transparent to our clients.  One invoice. A single account contact.  A dedicated team of project managers.  A flat fee and no billing surprises or infrastructure charges tacked on. Zabit team members manage it all.

Here's how it works. The Zabit Extended Network comprises three categories of extended resource groups: The Z-Associate Network, Z-Affiliate Resources, and Z-Technology Partners.

Z-Associate Network

Hundreds of our creative and communication talent won't go home after work.  They often work from home. But this is no ordinary freelance Rolodex we're talking about.

We invite a cross section of independent communication experts from around the globe to "audition" to become an Associate through our exclusive network.  Once they are accepted, each Zabit Associate is profiled according to specialty skills, industry experience, client and work history, availability and several other criteria. This database of critical factors allows us to build the right client team for each unique client situation when it is necessary to scale to meet our clients' demands.

Associates can also become eligible to be ZEN Certified. This prestigious, professional credentialing recognizes those who meet the requirements for consistent delivery of quality and creative work with high marks in client satisfaction.

A big reason we are able to attract the best talent to become Zabit Associates is because we offer the exclusivity of working on some of the best assignments for the biggest clients in the world.  In addition to their project pay, associates who become ZEN certified are also eligible to receive bonuses based on the quality of services they deliver.

Z-Affiliate Resources

Now more than ever before, companies need to mitigate their IPO or M&A transaction risk exposure, and maximize value, with a single, cross audience/cross media communications strategy and execution plan.  At Zabit we can make that happen.

In addition to our team of experts, we have formed an impressive network of strategic affiliates who we bring to the table when the situation demands.

Our Affiliate Resources include the best of global brands including one worldwide PR firm, one global advertising agency and one major corporate branding company. In other words, Zabit is able to manage every aspect of messaging inside and outside the client organizations so information to employees, vendors, customers, the Street and the public has a better chance to represent the appropriate language at the appropriate time to support a company's strategic objective.

Z-Technology Partners

We are proud to partner with the best independent firms in all aspects of technology.  At Zabit, we are known for leading edge technology driven communication. That's why we surround ourselves with technology partners who support our client services in personalized print, interactive and web based communications.

One Voice. Single Message. Inside and Out.